What are Generics?

The first person who introduced the concept of “libido” was Sigmund Freud. He interpreted it as follows: libido is the individual energy of a person which is knocked out of the framework of generally accepted civilized behavior. In modern society, libido means a person’s desire to start a sexual contact, the level of it determines the specific strength of this desire for each. From science, the libido is present at all. The world has long known truly scientific evidence of the emergence and development of sexual desire. In men, the passion and sexual desire to enter into physical intimacy are associated with the release of the hormone testosterone. In women with a wider range of hormones, the sexual attraction develops under the influence of exclusively natural progesterone, the “female” hormone.

What is the cause of a sharp decline in sexual desire? Unfortunately, sometimes our libido is not as strong as we would like which causes certain problems both in couples and in the psychological state of a particular person. In fact, there is a great variety of them. Among the primary causes of psychogenic nature, there we can identify stress, depression, low self-esteem, leading to a complete lack of intimate life. Libido is also influenced by purely physical factors which are very widespread in the modern environment. Many of our contemporaries lead a low-active lifestyle, abuse cigarettes and alcohol, suffer from excessive or inadequate, body weight, take hard drugs that suppress natural sexuality. How can you maintain and improve your sexual desire, in time without letting it fade away? There are not too many methods. The first is the simplest and most obvious. You just need to reconsider your lifestyle, introduce a balanced diet, saturated with the necessary carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, and vitamins, and choose a training regimen. Thus, it will be possible not only to increase the libido but also to increase their sexual endurance. If the first option is not possible, you can resort to alternative means. Among modern medicines aimed at maintaining erectile function, eliminating impotence and strengthening sexual desire, especially the funds containing Tadalafil, as the most effective and safe.

Generic Cialis – a Choice of a Wise Man

Many men are afraid to take generics of famous drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, unfairly believing that generic is a synonym for the word “fake.” What is happening, what are these drugs and how useful are they for men’s health? Generics are high-quality copies of famous brand products. Manufacturers of generics officially register their brand, calling products consonant with patented analogs. Such funds are completely legal, their quality corresponds to the original since the active components, and their concentration in generics are identical to the originals.

Another important issue is the significant difference between the cost of the generic and the original. Consumers are worried about the reasons why products containing the same components and made using the same technology as the originals cost less than branded drugs. The answer is very simple: the development of original drugs required huge financial investments, no less than the costs caused by manufacturers and advertising campaigns to promote new drugs. Generic manufacturers do not need to advertise already well-known products, but also simply use the previously developed technology and composition. Most generics differ slightly from patented originals and are by no means counterfeit. When they are produced, all rights and obligations due to patent protection are fully observed. So why are generics not counterfeit, but excellent, efficient drugs? They are created from high-quality operating components, while cheap low-active substances are used in the production of fake products.

Generic Cialis is one of the most demanded drugs in the modern pharmaceutical market. Men prefer it to Viagra and its generics because of the high effectiveness of Tadalafil, the main component of generic Cialis. The effect of this medicine lasts up to 36 hours – this is almost two days! This doesn’t mean the long-lasting erection; it means that a man can have sex several times during this period. It is a helpful remedy for men who like to spend weekends with their women and don’t want to worry about their potency.