Generic Levitra


Sadly, age, unhealthy diet, and a big amount of stress cause representatives of the stronger sex to start having erectile dysfunction problems. Sexual function starts deteriorating over time or sharply. Many men think the time has come and now only memories are left about their old times. However, it’s a huge delusion because they must be able to perform their sexual function until they reach a very advanced age. Today, such medications as Viagra and Levitra help men to get back sexual potency they used to have.

Apart from Viagra, there is one more medication called Levitra. If you read Levitra feedback, you can see loads of advantages and positive sides to the use of this product. It differs from Viagra due to the fact that its effect lasts for twelve hours. So, if you feel like buying Levitra, you are sure to be ready for a sexual intercourse even over a long period of time. In addition, you can be encouraged to buy Levitra by the fact that it allows you to have alcohol and fatty meals. It is well-known that when you take Viagra, you must strictly adhere to your diet rules and it is advisable to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, to be on the safe side. As far as contraindications are concerned, the medication shouldn’t be taken by people under 18 and people with heart problems.

Main features:

  • Due to lighter side effects, it may be prescribed to elderly men and men suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases;
  • Takes effect independent of alcohol, but fatty meals may slow down absorption;
  • You get a strong erection within 10-12 hours (compared to Viagra ensuring 3-4 hours);
  • It is soft and well-tolerated;
  • 20 mg content of the active component called Vardenafil

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10mg x 10 pills£30.97£3.10
10mg x 20 pills£38.72£1.94£23.22
10mg x 30 pills£46.47£1.55£46.43
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