The Effect of Levitra

The self-esteem of most men is in a strong relationship with sexual function. When the opportunity to have a firm erection disappears, a man devalues himself as a lover, falls into a panic and uncertainty. The results of this crisis are sometimes more destructive than its cause. Simple rules of conduct in the case of the first manifestations of sexual dysfunction will help you avoid depression and take the necessary measures promptly.

Try to get rid of bad habits. Sexual function in many respects depends on the work of the whole organism as a whole, and therefore it is necessary to protect it from the effects of nicotine, alcohol drugs.

Be physically active. Thanks to a couple of dozen sit-ups and classic morning exercises you can add another decade to your sexual health.

Try not to be nervous. It is necessary to try very much to reduce the impact of stress because in itself he is the first enemy of healthy potency.

Do not restrain emotions and overreact to external stimuli.

Do not panic. When there are sexual problems, it is extremely difficult to remain calm. In fact, episodic luck does not mean that impotence is coming. Sometimes they happen even at the age of the most sexual heyday because the human body is a very delicate mechanism. However, panic can only consolidate the failure and cause it to resume in the future.

Be protected by the right means. In your arsenal, there should be a reliable tested drug that will maintain the potency at the right time, while not causing negative reactions. Among the modern range of medications, there is very simple to choose a safe quality tool with which you will not worry about possible failures. Levitra for UK is one of such remedies.

Vardenafil, the main component of Levitra belongs to the same group of drugs as Tadalafil and Sildenafil; they all belong to a special pharmacological group of PDE5 inhibitors. The main effect of these active ingredients is based on the enhancement of the action of nitric oxide and as a consequence, leads to relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis, due to this, and blood filling of the cavernous bodies occurs, and a natural erection occurs.

After sexual intercourse, Vardenafil stops functioning, and the enzyme of the FED5 group is produced again, which ensures the outflow of blood from the penis, making it not erect. Vardenafil reduces the time between sexual acts, pauses for rest are reduced, and the sexual contact itself lengthens and becomes more intense and intensive due to the increase in sensitivity. The remedy is activated in 20-30 minutes after admission with the obligatory condition of sexual attraction, and the greater the degree of attraction, the faster and more efficiently the drug works.


Pharmacologic Effect

The mechanism of potency is based on the acceleration of blood flow to relaxed arterioles, located inside the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies of the male sexual organ. As soon as excitation of erogenous zones begins, the nerve endings located locally in the reproductive system begin to actively develop nitric oxide. It is this chemical element that helps to relax the smooth muscles, after which the blood begins to fill the vascular bed of the cavernous bodies and an erection takes place. There is another chemical element, the enzyme PDE5, and it prevents the relaxation of the muscles of the reproductive system. Vardenafil highly selective acts on FED5, blocking its effect. Levitra contributes to the increase in nitric oxide, which leads to the appearance of a qualitative erection in a natural way.

Indications for use

Levitra is designed to effectively combat the disorders of the reproductive system in men who have reached adulthood.

Advantages of the Levitra:

  • improves the erection maximally;
  • it is highly effective in sexual dysfunction associated with the concomitant severe pathology of the body;
  • It can strengthen the sensitivity of the genitals;
  • sexual contact becomes more intense and impulsive;
  • manifests minimal possible side effects and limitations to admission.

The drug is indicated for men who have any pathology associated with erectile dysfunction, regardless of the degree of its manifestation and severity, as well as from etiology. The drug is well tolerated, causes minimal side effects and has not a large list of restrictions on admission; these positive qualities make it possible to take it in the most severe cases of sexual dysfunction without harm to health.