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Impotence is the main enemy of man, but there are a lot of pills, that can help him.

Men always worried about the question: “How to keep a male sexual power with the age?” Unfortunately, in the elderly, the power of erection will be weakening and it’s almost inevitable, as well as attraction to the weaker sex. If you look at the statistics of the WHO, you will be horrified and dissapointed! According to it, almost every third man in UK suffers from erectile dysfunction, and even completely impotence. And moreover, it doesn’t matter how old a man is, everyone suffers: both young and old. The main cause of these processes is the lifestyle of most modern men. Frequent stress at work and at home, improper diet, bad habits and many other different factors spoil and weaken male potency. Every man in the United Kingdom wants to remain a passionate lover and not to lose heart until old age. For example, Charlie Chaplin became a father in 72 years.


A little about the impotence and its types

The majority of men not only in the United Kingdom doesn’t pay enough attention on their illness and try to hide their sexual incompetence in any way. Some men hide it simply by silence, others by exaggeration of their sexual health in vivid detail. The only thing that unites these two groups of people is that they don’t have any knowledge about the existing pathologies in the sexual sphere. It’s like a vicious circle, which can be broken only by highly qualified specialists. Therefore, if there are problems in the sexual sphere, you need to go to a doctor right away and overcome the sexual ailment still in the bud. This way of solving problems will not entail negative consequences in the future .

Erection is a very complex physiological process, for which a whole chain of consecutive reactions is involved. Normally, the reduction of the penis into the erect state takes place at lightning speed, taking less than a minute of time. At the heart of the cascade of neurohumoral reactions is a nerve impulse from the subcortical or cortical structures of the brain.

Violations of erectile ability can occur at any of its levels, which formed the basis of the basic classification of impotence. Its main types are:

  1. Organic – caused by a violation of the implementation and realisation of sexual arousal or rush. It means that men feel a sexual attraction, but don’t realize it in the form of the erection;
  2. Psychogenic – a violation of the formation of an exciting pulse, which is primary in the launching of erectile capacity;
  3. Mixed – a combination of organic and psychogenic mechanisms of erectile dysfunction. It occurs most often, since both species breed each other’s development.

The most common among these types of impotence is precisely psychogenic impotence. Psychological impotence is one of the most frequent causes of the development of sexual weakness of young physically strong and somatically healthy men. It occurs on the base of psychoemotional disorders and overstrain. It can be permanent stressful work conditions or nervousness. These factors don’t show themselves until a certain time. But the moment comes when an excess of adrenaline leads to the fact that either natural sex hormones are burned or the receptors of sphincters of cavernous sinuses of the penis become insensitive.


Tablets for improving the erection will come to the aid for everyone

Well-known in the United Kingdom tablets, such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Kamagra, Kamagra Oral Jelly and others, will help to solve any problems of organic and psychological nature. Viagra and its analogs in the form of tablets have a good result, but still it won’t be your natural erection. Tablets have side effects and contraindications, some more, others less.

The using of tablets to improve potency can be used as a basic method of treating impotence by men of all age groups. For young people of the UK who don’t have signs of organic abnormalities, such pills are not needed at all, because in case of systematically using, it causes psychological addiction. Young guys will think that without Viagra, Cialis and others they won’t be able to satisfy their partner.

The using of excitors by elderly men can cause the development of severe cardiovascular complications. Their risk is minimized with proper intake and adequately selected dose of the remedy. Naturally, if there is no other way, then all methods are good, especially if they have the desired effect. Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and others, exert the same effect on the male body. They all increase the flow of blood to the penis, thus contributing to the onset of an erection. They differ by the duration of exposure to the body (for example, one tablet of Cialis works as much as 36 hours), they have different side effects, contraindications, dosage, etc. These pills will make every man forget about his problems below the belt and add confidence.


Prevention of impotence

But the best method is not to treat impotence, but to prevent it from young age. The whole complex of preventive measures is reduced to this volume:

  • Normalization of a way of life: work, a food, rest, physical exercises, a healthy dream;
  • Refusal from bad habits: alcohol, tobacco, drug addiction;
  • Refusal to interrupt sexual intercourse as the only method of contraception;
  • Abstention from abuse of self-gratification;
  • Treatment and prevention of somatic disorders and diseases: neurological, cardiac, vascular, hepatic, endocrine;
  • Early treatment of diseases of the genital area: prostatitis, adenoma.
  • Prevention of injuries of the genital organs, especially the cavernous bodies of the penis;
  • Regular sex life;
  • Refusal of promiscuity;
  • Early awareness and treatment of problems with erectile capacity;
  • Correct sexual and emotional relationships with a sexual partner.


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